An Argonautica inspired NYC story


'Warn'd in Vain' is a twin book of 'Back to Nowhere', a parallel Minotaur tale from Crete, hopefully to be out soon in the future. 'W.I.V' is a stranger's questionmark inside the world's most photographed city; made between the years 2014-2017 that I spent 7 months on the other side of the ocean. 'B.T.N' was made between 2009-2017 on my island;  the only place I 'll never have the chance to see how it looks in the eyes of a stranger.


  • Photographs & design by dirtyharrry
  • A5 size, hardcover
  • 116 color images from NYC in 160 pages
  • Edition of 950 copies + 50 special edition copies

IOLCUS                         40

  • 'W.I.V' standard copy

COLCHIS                       50

  • 'W.I.V' signed standard copy
  • 25% discount for future 'B.T.N' standard copy

SAMOTHRACE             100

  • 'W.I.V' signed standard copy
  • [15*20 cm] print
  • 50% discount for future 'B.T.N' standard copy

CORINTH                     300

  • 'W.I.V' signed white copy (from 50 numbered copies)
  • 'W.I.V' standard copy
  • [15*20 cm] print from NYC
  • 'B.T.N' future black copy (from 50 numbered copies)
  • 'B.T.N' future signed standard copy
  • [15*20 cm] print from Crete


  • Make sure your paypal shipping address is correct before purchasing.
  • All copies & prints are signed, except the ‘Iolcus’ copies.
  • With the purchase of the book your name linked to your instagram account will be mentioned in this thanking list in dirty blog.
  • The 'B.T.N' discount codes and Crete related prints will be activated and sent at the time the 'B.T.N' book will be out, hopefully after 1-2 years.


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